Red Door Studios was founded by Joel Duncan and Andrew Macia, two marketers (and very cool dudes) from Toronto and California.

Before joining forces, they were both working as freelancers designing websites, writing content, and creating social media and SEO strategies for small businesses. They decided that by combining their resources and skills, they could target bigger companies, work more efficiently, and provide clients better results.


Joel Duncan

Although in their first year they did a lot of website design, they quickly noticed that the market was being saturated with website development companies who were offering insanely low prices. To add, more free options like WIX, Joomla, and WordPress kept popping up giving the general public relatively easy ways of creating their own websites for FREE. Today it is estimated that there are about 571 new websites being created every minute. That’s 822,240 new websites every day. That’s a whole lot of websites isn’t it?

But here’s the problem. The problem that Red Door decided to help companies solve.

The concept of ‘build it and they will come’ generally doesn’t work – even less so online. If no one knows that a website exists, what purpose is the website serving? Even if the website looks nice and works flawlessly, there is no guarantee that customers will ever find it in a Google Search. This has been Red Door’s mission ever since – To help companies get noticed by search engines and customers.

The basis of Red Door’s strategy is creating compelling content that both Google and customers love. However, we don’t just create content, we use White Hat SEO tactics to build links, distribute the content, and drive organic traffic to our customers’ websites. We’re a team of talented writers, graphic designers, photographers, SEO experts, and YES website developers.

Meet Reddoor’s Dynamic Team

Joel Duncan Photographer


Is one of the founders of Red Door Studios. He specializes in professional real estate photography for hotels, restaurants and luxury properties. When he isn’t behind the camera he is developing compelling online marketing strategies for Reddoor’s clients. What that means is that he is responsible for helping clients to get over their marketing hurdles, get noticed by customers, and grow their business.

  • Favourite Movie: Gladiator
  • Hobbies: Photography, Basketball, Travel, Eating
  • Favorite Quote: “A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for”


is Colombian, but lived in California for 30 years. He has been living in Medellin, Colombia for 4 years now.  Having helped various businesses reach their online marketing goals he is in charge of search engine optimization and online marketing for business websites. He specializes in Google Webmaster Tools, Backlink building, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords.

  • Favorite Colombian Dish: Ajiaco
  • Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, guitar, and blogging.
  • Favorite Colombian Business website: Postobon.com
Francisco Macia


Social Media Manager & Community Manager
I am well versed in web development (html, php, web builders like WordPress and Joomla, etc) and social media marketing (facebook and linkedin ads). What’s hot right now? Instagram, Pinterest, Kik, and Twitter. Are you familiar with these social media sites for your business? If you’re not I can help you understand how they work and how your business may benefit.
Email: francisco@massiveactionbusiness.com

Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, hiking, dancing batchata, wine tasting, Instagram: #selfiechicken, and traveling.
Favorite Drink: Jack and Coke.
Favorite Movie: Stand by Me, “Steven King rocks!”
Favorite Sports Team: Lakers, Angels, Chelsea FC


HTML / PHP Developer

Since 2008, I have been designing and developing Websites by using several languages. I am always keen to learn new script and to implement it into my work. I specialize in Web Design and Development: Expert in all of Adobe design tools/HTML5/CSS3/PHP/MYSQL- WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, MVC, .Net, and more. Other CSS Frameworks like Bootstrap, 960 Grid system, etc. I am also a project manager. I think that my biggest asset is my creativity and my enthusiasm. Since I was young I have had an interest in painting, musical instruments and interior designing. I funnel my creativity through website designing.

Harold Pineda


Marketing Director
With a Master Degree in business management from the Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Harold is in charge of all print and copy marketing projects. His studies at the Brother Ad School in Buenos Aires, Argentina has given him the knowledge and experience necessary to create creative and successful marketing campaigns for various clients.

Jason Agudelo Graphic Artist

Jason Agudelo

With over 5 years of graphic arts experience and Brothers Ad School graduate Jason is our Graphic Arts and design director. He creates creative and visually appealing images for websites, social media marketing, print ads, stop motion videos and whiteboard videos.



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